Backup that’s Immutable, Incomparable & Indispensable.

Proactively secure, defend, and recover all your data across
cloud, on-prem, and SaaS workloads.

Data Disruption Impact 

of outages result in direct revenue loss.*

* Trili, The True Cost of Downtime: 21 Stats You Need to Know, August 2022

of data disruptions lead to some sort of brand reputation damage.*

* Trili, The True Cost of Downtime: 21 Stats You Need to Know, August 2022

of organizations experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident.*

* Sundeep V. Ravande, Forbes, Unplanned Downtime Costs More Than You Think, February 2022


Storage flexibility   

Unmatched storage options combined with SaaS delivery enable air-gapped cloud storage across public cloud providers. 

Damage prevention through immutability  

Surface zero-day threats in production environments, divert direct attacks on backup infrastructure, and prevent infection of backups. 

Data integrity 

Spot anomalous behavior and latent threats, prevent sensitive data from exposure and exfiltration, and isolate data for clean recoverability. 

The Commvault Platform

Commvault leads the next generation of data protection with a new layer of active defense, rapid recovery, and automation.   

Data protection services

Proactive data protection that spans your entire landscape, covering all workloads through a unified global Command Center.

Foundational security

Stay ahead of evolving threats using encryption, application hardening, zero trust principles, and more.

Forensics and monitoring

Real-time data analysis for increased visibility and control over data.


Streamline processes and reduce IT complexity.

AI and

Automate data management processes, manage backups, and make informed decisions.

Governance and compliance

Minimize data breaches, manage risk, and ensure ethical data handling.

Storage &

Reduce costs, rapidly recover data, and manage storage capacity.


Consolidate, control, and analyze data in one centralized location.

Customer Story 

American Pacific Mortgage 

American Pacific Mortgage’s CIO, Michele Buschman, explains why Commvault was the right data protection solution and is the ticket to effective hybrid cloud adoption – without performance issues or vendor lock-in. 

“We wanted to scale and to do that with a partner that could not only meet our requirements today, but also had a vision for the future of data protection to move with us in our journey to the cloud. For us, Commvault was the clear choice.”

Michele Buschman  
CIO | American Pacific Mortgage 

Commvault® Backup & Recovery 

Powerful backup with verifiable recovery and cost-optimized cloud workload mobility,  ensuring data availability, even across multiple clouds. 

Metallic® Recovery Reserve

Secure and scalable cloud storage for additional ransomware protection.