Comply Like Your Data Depends On It

Our data governance solution reduces risk with visibility and controls to enable responsible data handling.  

Manage governance, risk, and compliance

Our extensive solution actively secures and defends data and its recoverability across production and backup environments, to effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance while driving operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Identify, classify, and secure sensitive data

Adopt personally identifiable information (PII) to comply with regulations like GDPR and CDPA.

Identify and mitigate risk

Use smart pattern recognition and eDiscovery for user-defined sensitive data.

Limit compliance risks

Automate ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) data removal.

Control access and permissions

Reduce data exfiltration impact on sensitive files.

Optimize GRC performance

Helps with regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and improve data security.

data leakage

by securely removing sensitive data from unauthorized locations and backups.

remediate risks

through backup, archiving, or moving data to secure locations.

Gain comprehensive data observability

across on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, edge, and SaaS environments.

South Tyrol Civil
Protection Agency

South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency simplifies GDPR compliance, optimizes storage capacity, and reduces backup times by 85% with Commvault.

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