Heineken – Indonesia – Bioenergy.

Heineken reduces its energy cost and achieves an estimated GHG reduction of 48,000 tCO2e.


Heineken sought to implement distributed energy solutions for their plants to drive forward their sustainable development goals.


Distributed energy solutions matching Heineken's requirements were not widely available, limiting their ability to achieve GHG reduction.


In June 2018, BECIS commissioned a biomass heat solution covering 100% of the steam needed by one of Heineken's plants in Indonesia. A biomass boiler replaced the conventional natural gas-fired boiler system where the renewable heat energy is being generated by burning 100% agricultural waste. BECIS financed, constructed, and provides on-going operations and maintenance of the plant. The ash produced from the operation of the biomass facility is being recovered as raw material for organic fertilizer to support agriculture in the surrounding community. The operation is also Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certified.

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